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About khokher Dairy Farm

Milk is produced all over the world as it is an essential part of the nutrition of a large portion of the world’s people. Many people rely on dairy farms to meet their basic needs. Dairy farms, on the other hand, can’t imagine providing high-quality milk to their consumers if they don’t have healthy animals to support them. Khokher Dairy Farm entered the market as a trader and exporter in 1970 to assist such farms in getting a well-bred collection of Cows and Buffaloes. We are reliable Dairy Farm Suppliers that provide medically fit and sound dairy animals to the dairy farming industry. Our offered cattle include HF Cow, Holstein Friesian cattle, Murrah Buffalo, Holstein Friesian breed cattle, Sahiwal Cow, cow heifer, Tharparkar Cow, etc. to clients. We take care of everything required to maintain the cattle healthy and fit so that our customers receive the best.

We supply chemical-free feed to cattle, which helps us provide the necessary nourishment to their bodies, thus raising their milk production capacity. Our company offers an excellent Dairy Animals at the best costs in the market, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We offer only those Cows and Buffaloes that have been approved by veterinarians

Our company works with some of the most renowned vendors in the industry, all of them have all of the necessary certifications for cow farming. Their area of expertise in maintaining the health and hygiene of cows. We satisfy all of our clients’ urgent requirements regularly and deliver timely & quickly livestock supply.

" Mr. Rakesh Kumar "

Mr. Rakesh Kumar’s philosophy is simple – to provide the best quality milk produce animals at the most competitive rates. Through years of experience and expertise, he has customized manufacturing processes to achieve optimum solutions. His professional experts and consultancy Services provide sound advice to address issues such as animal health, vaccination, ruminant nutrition, etc.

Why khokher Dairy Farm ?

At Khokher Dairy Farm, we have a professional staff of caretakers who are responsible for all of the cattle’s requirements, including feeding, grazing, and cross-breeding, bathing, and roaming. One of our key traits is our excellence, which drove us to explore new techniques and methods for doing things correctly and with perfect results.

Maintain Complete Hygiene

Our company owns a spacious farm, which is constantly kept clean. This is done to maintain the hygiene of our farm. Such hygienic conditions allow us to keep our cattle healthy, also prevents the outbreak of any disease on the farm. Caring for animals is core to our dairy businesses. Our expert team helps us in maintaining such hygienic conditions at all times. 

Regular Health Checkups

We never compromise on the health or hygiene of cattle. Khokher Dairy Farm works collaboratively with their vets, who do timely and keep a constant check on their physical health to ensure that they are risk and disease-free. To prevent health problems and infections we vaccinate all of ourdairy farms animals etc. timely. 

Sound arrangements for housing

We provide Healthy and disease-free livestock to cattle to nourish farm animals which are crucial for the survival of mankind because most of the dairy products and other items are provided to humans by them. Every small requirement for well-keeping cattle is met by us. Separate places for animal excretion installed tankers for water drinking and covered area for resting, etc., are provided by us to give comfortable stay to farm animals until they’re purchased. 

Our Nurturing

Dairy farm animals need a lot of fiber in their diet because they produce a lot of milk; as a result, they need more nutrient-dense diets. We choose high-quality cow feed and only give them whatever is nourishing. A fully trained team provides care for our animals. We hire a nutritionist who creates personalized feed plans and diets for cows based on their age, weight, whether they are milking or not, and any other health issues.

Associate with khokher Dairy Farm

We are a cattle trading business with a lot of expertise. We have been providing the utmost to our customers for the past 50 years.  Leveraging upon years of experience, we have learned that there is much more to it than the cattle trade alone. It’s a matter of:

* Quality and Expertise 

* Customer Focus

* Knowledge of the Market

* An Eye for Animal Welfare

Our Mission

Our mission is to cater to all the requirements of the customers in the domestic market by providing them with a variety of Cows and buffaloes of different ages, sizes, breeds, and weights. 

Our Vision

To become a successful dairy producer and place a high priority on breeding our animals. This focus is not only rationalized by higher milk production but greater internal herd growth.

Company’s key features

  • Ethical business practices
  • Timely delivery
  • Good dairy farming practices 
  • Social responsibility and economic sustainability
  • Zero compromises on the health of animals