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Which Is the Best Buffalo with High Milk Yielding Quality in India?

Ask any Dairy Murrah Buffalo Supplier in Karnal, the best Buffalo with high milk yielding quality in India. The only answer you get is Murrah buffalo, and this breed has become the most prominent in dairy farms because of its exceptional milk-yielding power.

In fact, in the north Indian region, the Murrah buffalo is considered the best because the per capita milk yielding power is high. This is regarded as black beauty and is famous for its fat-rich milk. However, the lactation potential of the Murrah buffalo is high.

It features curved horns, a heavy frame and disease resistance power. The milk yield by the Buffalo has more than 7% of fat. In addition to this, it can provide consistent milk in all seasons. This is why most of the dairy farmers prefer to have the Murrah buffalo for their dairy farms.

Reasons Why Murrah Buffalo is Considered As Best for Dairy Farming

Murrah Buffalo is famous for its milk productivity, but more than that, there are a few more reasons why dairy farmers like to invest in these buffalos. Let’s read about them.

1. Better Adaptability

Murrah buffalos can easily adapt to the all-environment condition. Be it a cold region or hot region, it can adapt easily. They are strong and sturdier; this is why these buffalos can easily tolerate all environmental conditions. And this is the reason why it is reared in almost all states of India.

2. High Milk Yeilding Capacity

The second reason to have Murrah Buffalo from Wholesale Traders of Murrah Buffalo in India is its high milk-yielding property. The Murrah buffalo can yield more than 16 liters of milk in one day. The milk production capacity of the Murrah buffalo is twice of other breeds. Besides that, the milk is rich in fat which is excellent for making cheese and other dairy products. Moreover, buffalo milk is rich in protein too.

3. Disease Resistance

The third biggest advantage of having the Murrah buffalo in a dairy farm is it can resist diseases. This means you don’t need to spend an extra amount on their medicines and other things to maintain their good health. These buffalos have disease resistance genes, which can help them remain immune to most diseases such as cowpox. The cross-breed cows do not have such disease resistance power.

4. Thrive On Any Fodder

Last but not least is its huge capacity to survive on all kinds of fodders. This means you don’t need to provide any special plant-based diet to maintain the yield. Even the common fodder and crop residue available in your areas is sufficient to feed the Murrah buffalo. So, it becomes convenient for dairy farmers to feed and keep them healthy.

Bottom Line

Murrah buffalo is famous amongst dairy farmers due to these reasons. Its exceptional milk yielding power with disease resistance capacity further enhances the popularity of the buffalo in India. These are some of the reasons why most of the wholesale traders of Murrah buffalo prefer to have this breed as it is always in great demand. It can provide consistent milk in all seasons.