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India is one of the largest producers of milk and competes with the likes of the USA and other countries. However, when it comes to livestock, India has a reputation for low production of quality milk. In earlier days, the major reason was that people didn’t know which breed to pet and what quality crops they need to feed the cows. But this reputation has changed over the years. And many traders and suppliers are now using advanced knowledge to take care of their cattle.

When it comes to Wholesale traders of Murrah Buffalo in India, livestock health becomes imminent. This is why Khokher dairy farm has envisioned revolutionizing the cattle industry with their accumulated knowledge and skills. Khokher dairy farm is one of the most experienced and authentic farms in India. They are traders, suppliers, and exporters of a comprehensive range of cattle. Located in Karnal, Haryana, this farm has the best Live Stock Market in Karnal. They have a wide range of cattle breeds to choose from and all the livestock are healthy and vaccinated. 

Breed Range Of Cattle At Khokher Dairy Farm

The farm is known for its huge land that accommodates a wide variety of cows and buffaloes. Their range of cattle breeds includes:

  • Sahiwal cow
  • HF cow
  • Tharparkar cow
  • Murrah buffalo

Each of these cattle has its unique and special qualities. For instance, Sahiwal cows are considered the best breed for their milk quality. The milk production capacity of this breed is very high and contains a lot of protein. On the other hand, Murrah buffaloes are suitable for professional and organized dairy farming. HF cow and Tharparkar cows are also good in milk production and are demanded by several dairy units for milk and milk-related products.

The variety of Live stock Market has to offer is tremendous. But what differentiates Khokher dairy farm from its alternatives is the way they treat the cattle. Each cattle are looked after by professionals with proper care and concern for their healthy lifestyle. The fodder fed to these cows and buffaloes is chemical-free and natural. They are the only farm in India that provides high-yielding animals at reasonable costs.   

The Live Stock Market, Karnal, And Their Lifestyle

Haryana is a state in India that receives a huge demand for cows and buffaloes for several purposes. Many dairy farms like Khokher Dairy Farm units require healthy and high-yielding cows to get milk regularly without any disease. Many farmers require buffaloes and cows for their farming purpose. Now, the dairy farm understands the needs of the cattle on their farm.

They understand how important it is to properly take care of the animals. Therefore, they have appointed proper and qualified veterinary doctors who prepare diet plans for the cattle. The cattle are taken care of by experienced professionals and with affection. The care and concern for the cows and buffaloes can be seen in the facilities. The special facilities have all the required aids for the livestock. They have proper washing and cleaning areas for the cattle, feeding areas where they are fed chemical-free food, ailment areas to treat ill cattle, and monthly medical check-ups for diseases.