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Tharparkar cow

Information on Tharparkar Breed and How To Get Tharparkar Cow Supplier In Karnal

Cows have always been socially loved creatures in India. Similar to dogs, cows are also known to be capable of building strong bonds with humans, and this is the main reason why people in India love cows. Well, apart from the friendly nature of cows, these creatures are also known for providing healthy dairy products, especially the Tharparkar cow. To get yourself a Tharparkar cow of your own, all you need to do is get into contact with a Tharparkar Cow Supplier in Karnal.

There are many cow breeds in India that are used for milking purposes, but the Tharparkar cow breed lies in the top 5 milking cow breed list in India. This breed is known to have a distinct identity amongst the rest of the cow breeds available in India and is also known to be disease-resistant. This means that this cow bread cannot catch any disease that can lower its quality of life.

Now is the time to brief you with detailed information on the Tharparkar cow breed in India. The information we have gathered is inclusive of the cow breed’s characteristics, features, milking capacity per day, cost of the breed, and many more.

Things You Need to Know About Tharparkar Cow Breed in India

1. Size Of The Breed

The size of Tharparkar cows breed is not so large, still manages to serve purpose requiring good strength. Apart from being medium in size, this breed also has a medium-sized head and horns. However, no one can predict how strong they are with their not-so-large dimensions.

2. Color

Unlike the other cow breeds in India that are present in multiple colors, the Tharparkar breed is found specifically in white color. If not white, you are likely to find this breed in a white-grayish colour. However, this grayish-white part is only limited to the upper body as the stomach area of this breed is black in colour.

3. Milking Capacity

As told above, this cow breed is one of the top 5 milking breeds in India, and the reason behind this is that they can give up to 9-10 kg of milk on a daily basis. These counts are likely to go even higher if we count them on yearly basis. Even in the most unfavorable conditions, this breed can live easily and still provide your desired milk quantity.

4. Age

With its friendly nature, this cow breed has an expected life span of app. 25 years. The reason behind their long life expectancy is their disease resistance abilities and tolerance to unfavorable weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above information was enough to make you aware of the Tharparkar cow breed in detail. If you are convinced by the characteristics and features of this cow breed, you can contact a reputed Tharparkar Cow Supplier in Karnal, and you are likely to get this breed in the nominal price range.